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  1. SiteMaker:How can I make changes to the flash intro?
  2. Number of pictures effecting loading speed. How to optimize photos.
  3. Why aren't my menu items showing when I edit?
  4. Can I customize the design of my template outside of SiteMaker?
  5. How can I add a YouTube video to a SiteMaker page?
  6. How can I align pictures to be centered on the page?
  7. Does SiteMaker have a shopping cart and if so, what payment gateways are available?
  8. Why does my customer login not work for sitemaker?
  9. Can I use SiteMaker with my current design?
  10. How can I change the color of my site in SiteMaker?
  11. I receive an error in SiteMaker when I publish , what should I do?
  12. Why does my layout look weird when I preview it in SiteMaker?
  13. How do I get the green lines off?
  14. How can I replace an image in a template, and what size does it have to be?
  15. How can I add audio or video to a page in SiteMaker?
  16. In SiteMaker I added some text or image(s) and now my template is messed up, why?
  17. Can I use sitemaker for more than 1 domain on my hosting account?
  18. Why does SiteMaker say I have to pay? I already paid for the hosting.
  19. How do I signup for the free SiteMaker tool for my site?
  20. How do I insert photo's on an "About Us" page?
  21. Why does SiteMaker automatically resize images inserted into pages?
  22. How do I add links to files (eg. PDF) to my Web page?
  23. What is the size limit for files I can upload in SiteMaker?
  24. How to insert HTML code in SiteMaker Pages
  25. How do I add my own videos to SiteMaker?
  26. How do I change email address that appear on my pages in SiteMaker?
  27. How do I convert a standalone page to a regular page?
  28. Sitemaker changes not showing up on live site
  29. Can I use SiteMaker on one subdomain?
  30. How to add audio to site that is compatible with multiple browsers
  31. How can I change the background color of a SiteMaker template?
  32. how do i use sitemaker to edit my current webpage?
  33. Can I get an RSS feed widget/iframe?