View Full Version : osCommerce Installation

January 12th, 2010, 09:04 PM
cPanel / Linux Platform customers:
You can simply install osCommerce via Fantastico within your cPanel control panel.

Windows / ColdFusion Platform customers:
For information on installing osCommerce to your Web site, please visit the Installation and Upgrades (http://www.oscommerce.info/kb/osCommerce/Installation_and_Upgrades) section of their knowledge base. For a detailed walkthrough of installing osCommerce manually, please see this post on our forum (http://forum.hostek.com/showthread.php?244).

The installation requires you to set the file permissions for "catalog/includes/configure.php" and a few other files.

If you are on Windows, submit a support ticket (https://support.hostek.com/) and list the files needing to be changed and what permissions they should have.