View Full Version : How to configure DNS to use Exchange Server

June 1st, 2009, 03:16 PM
Here are some helpful steps for editing the DNS Zone when a domain is using an exchange server for their mail.

When a domain is setup, by default there are two DNS entries related to email. Here is an images to show the defaults (based on Helm DNS screen):

Generally, when using an Exchange Server, you have an IP for that server, not a name. Therefore, you would EDIT the "A Record" entry for mail and set that to your Exchange Server IP.

Then EDIT the "MX record" and change the value from mail#.hostek.com to mail.your_domain.com like:
@ --> MX Record --> mail.your_domain.com

Here is a sample image showing the end result (based on the Helm DNS zone editor):

This is all that is needed to be able to utilize your Exchange server for the domain's email.

Below are samples of the scenario outlined above, except using screen shots from the cPanel control panel:

Default DNS Settings (cPanel DNS Zone):

DNS Settings after changes for Exchange server (cPanel DNS Zone)