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February 10th, 2010, 01:51 PM
Here is a sample of how the Shared SSL Hosting works on our servers.

Here is a sample image of a site using a cart, before it gets to the shared SSL site. Notice the site look and the URL is still on the main domain's site. In their cart, they have indicated the shared SSL URL for the checkout process. It's optimal to have the whole cart in a secure environment so the customer feels secure the whole time.

Now, after clicking "Checkout" the cart takes you to this Shared SSL page. Notice that the look of the site is the same. The URL changes based on the shared SSL URL for the site, which the cart owner entered in their cart setup.

Maybe you're not using a cart, but just need to link to a secure form submission page. After setting up the Shared SSL, you would just set your link to link to the Shared SSL URL instead of the non secured URL. It's really a simple process.

Steps to setup the Shared SSL:

For our Linux Hosting accounts, this is setup by default, which is just https:// followed by the server name you are on plus /~your_username ie, https://cpx.hostek.com/~username ) - that would dispaly the same page as your home page if you went to your domain directly via the domain name.

For our Windows Hosting and ColdFusion Hosting accounts, you will enable the Shared SSL within your Helm control panel. Once that is done, Helm will display the Shared SSL URL. This URL then can be used to display pages on your site securely. These Shared SSL URL's will look something like https://securex.ezhostingserver.com/yourdomain-com/

February 20th, 2011, 08:27 PM
I am developing a new web site for an existing domain that will be moved to Hostek's servers. The site has a shopping cart and it has a GeoTrust certificate for the SSL transactions. My question is what is the procedure for "moving" the certificate from the old server to the Hostek server? I have seen the screen in Helm for installing it, I just need to know how do I "get" it from the old server?

Also I am considering using a sub-domain for the application. Do I need what I think is called a "wildcard" cetificate? or can I use the current one in the root?


Tony Gray