View Full Version : Smartermail - Checking account disk space and changing user quotas

March 30th, 2010, 07:01 PM
It is a good practice to regularly check the disk space reports for your domain in Smartermail. If the domain runs out of disk space on its mail server, mail will not make it to any of the domain's email accounts. Likewise, if a particular user exceeds their disk space quota, they will not be able to receive any emails. Your domain disk space report will show the amount of disk space being used by the domain and how much is being used by each user.

To see this report, log into your mailadmin account, then hover over the Reports button and select "Domain disk space." Click the "Generate Report" button on the page that loads, and you'll see a chart of your accounts sorted by disk space used.

You can change the amount of space alloted to users by hovering over the Domain Settings button and selecting "Email Users." When you click the name of one of the accounts you'll be taken to a page where you can change the user's available email space.

Your individual users can see reports about their account by following this video tutorial: http://hostek.com/tutorials/smartermail-reports.html

More Smartermail video tutorials can be found here (http://hostek.com/faq/kb/index.asp?action=recorddetail&rec=324).