View Full Version : Do you support secure FTP (FTPs)?

May 3rd, 2011, 02:19 PM
NOTE: SFTP is not the same as FTPS. SFTP stands for SSH-FTP, which uses the Linux SSH protocol, and it is not available on any of our Windows servers. FTPS stands for FTP over SSL, which is what this post is about. Versions of Dreamweaver older than version CS5 do not support FTPS.

Yes, we support FTPS (FTP over SSL) on all Windows 2008 servers.

Use port 21 for 'Explicit SSL' (I.E. The FTP client connects over a standard connection and requests SSL encryption before sending credentials).

Use port 990 for 'Implicit SSL' (I.E. The FTP client begins the connection with SSL encryption).

Passive FTP is required for all FTPS connections.

NOTE: For existing customers, if you are on a Windows 2003 server and you need FTPs (Secure FTP), you can request to be moved to a Windows 2008 server by submitting a support ticket at:

David D.