View Full Version : How to Transfer Your Domain Name from Another Registrar

June 20th, 2011, 11:32 AM
If you have a domain name at another registrar (eg. Godaddy, Network Solutions) and wish to transfer it to Hostek.com, please follow these instructions:

Unlock the domain at the other registrar.
After unlocking the domain, make sure your contact information for the domain is up-to-date
Next you'll need to obtain the EPP (transfer authorization) code from the other registrar. Most registrars have a way to retrieve the code via your online account with them, but if you do not see this option then contact them directly.
Once you have the EPP code, log in to your Hostek.com billing account at http://cp.hostek.com
Click the 'Order' link in the 'Quick Navigation' section
On the next page, click the 'Transfer Domain' link
Now you can enter your domain name and click the 'Check Availability' button to continue
Make sure the domain says it is available for transfer and click the 'Add to cart' button to proceed with the order
Here you will enter the domain's EPP code, and if you wish, select the option for 'Domain Privacy'. Also, be sure to enter your Hostek.com name servers if you want the domain to point to our servers after the transfer completes.
Now you will be shown your order details. Please verify they are correct and click the 'Check Out' button to place the order. When you pay the invoice that is generated, our Sales team will verify the order details and initiate the domain name transfer.
After our team initiates the domain name transfer, you will receive a transfer approval email at the email address you specified in the domain's contact details. (The approval email is sent from OpenSRS.com, our registrar)
You will need to approve the email from OpenSRS.com and re-enter the EPP code if they ask you to. The domain name transfer will complete within 7 days after you approve the transfer.