View Full Version : Setting up a Mura site on Shared Railo hosting

June 30th, 2011, 02:33 PM
SUMMARY: The Mura installers make it extremely easy to deploy Mura but for shared Railo hosting, creating the DSN can be required. On our Shared ColdFusion Hosting plans we offer auto deployment, however for our Shared Railo Hosting a more manual process is required because each Shared Railo Hosting Plan has complete control over most settings of the context specific Railo Admin.

Step 1: Download the "Standard Mura" installer.

Step 2: Extract and upload the contents from the installer to your website.

Step 3: Create a database, we offer MySQL and MSSQL hosting, choose from your control panel the database, create the user and set the password. Be sure to write these down you'll need them for creating your DSN.

Step 4: From within your control panel, click on the "Railo Admin" icon and after being logged in, select "Datasources" from the right menu.

Step 5: Select the database type and click create.

Step 6: Configure your datasource with all the correct server, user and password. IMPORTANT, also make sure for "Alias Handling" the option "Yes" is selected.

Step 7: Browse to your website using either the pre-propagation URL or if your DNS is pointed already browse to your domain name (IE: www.domain.com). Fill out all the DSN information as required by the Mura setup process.

Enjoy Mura.