View Full Version : cfmail hosting relay server?

October 26th, 2011, 08:03 AM
Is there an address for a server to use to send mail from my CF hosted website?

Where can I find instructions for sending email from my website?

Any help?

October 26th, 2011, 08:17 AM
We have a forum post located at


that covers this.

Also here is an example of the different syntax that can be used within the cfmail tag

from = "e-mail address"
to = "comma-delimited list"
bcc = "comma-delimited list"
cc = "comma-delimited list"
charset = "character encoding"
debug = "yes|no"
failto = "e-mail address"
group = "query column"
groupcasesensitive = "yes|no"
mailerid = "header id"
maxrows = "integer"
mimeattach = "path"
password = "string"
port = "integer"
priority = "integer or string priority level"
query = "query name"
remove = "yes|no"
replyto = "e-mail address"
server = "SMTP server address"
spoolenable = "yes|no"
startrow = "query row number"
subject = "string"
timeout = "number of seconds"
type = "mime type"
username = "SMTP user ID"
useSSL = "yes|no"
useTLS = "yes|no"
wraptext = "column number"
sign = "true|false"
keystore = "location of keystore"
keystorepassword = "password of keystore"
keyalias = "alias of key"
keypassword = "password for private key">

(Optional) Mail message body and/or cfmailparam tags