View Full Version : ASPUpload - Windows 2008 - sc-win32-status code 64

November 7th, 2011, 09:22 AM
For customers utilizing ASPUpload for file downloading with SendBinary to automatically build the headers Content-Type experience a connection resetting causing W3SVC logs with sc-win32-status code 64, and various browser errors such as:

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage


This webpage is not available


Connection closed by remote server

See the solutions for SendBinary fails under IIS7 on Vista, Windows 2008 and 7 (http://support.persits.com/show.asp?code=PS100721176) provided by Persits.

Note for ecommercetemplates (http://www.ecommercetemplates.com/) users who experience this issue should get the latest copy of the updater which will include the latest digital downloads scripts. With the most recent version set the parameter iswin2008r2=TRUE in the includes.asp file.