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February 23rd, 2012, 02:10 AM
UPDATE: May 15, 2012 - The Beta period has ended and ColdFusion 10 is now launched. Hostek.com is pleased to now offer ColdFusion 10 hosting.

Hostek.com is pleased to announce the launch of our ColdFusion 10 Beta Hosting program.

We have been providing ColdFusion hosting since 2002. We did a ColdFusion 9 Beta when it was released and are excited to see and experience the changes in ColdFusion 10.

We want to provide you the ability to experience ColdFusion 10 in a shared environment.

For existing customers with WCP (WCP demo (http://wcp.hostek.com/demo) for those not familiar with it):
Just log into your WCP and in the ColdFusion section click on the ColdFusion 10 Beta option. This will allow you to easily create your own ColdFusion 10 Beta account.
NOTE: This option will be available around 8:30AM CST this morning.

For currently non customers:
You should be a customer :)
Just click this link to get a free ColdFusion 10 Beta Hosting account.

Q: Can I use my domain name with the ColdFusion 10 Beta?
A: No. The ColdFusion 10 is a Beta product and we are offering this as a way for you to test your code on ColdFusion 10.

Q: Can I use MySQL or MS SQL?
A: Yes, you can create a ColdFusion DataSource via the control panel for an existing database, or you can create a new database just for the testing.

As this is a beta program, please let us know of any problems.

February 23rd, 2012, 03:28 AM
Well done Brian, First to market!

Can you show me an example affiliate link to this page please? I tried http://hostek.com/aff.php?aff=000&plat=CF however that brings me to the coldfusion 9 hosting page whereas I want to link to the cf10 beta hosting. It appears your api https://cp.hostek.com/affiliates.php isn't up to date for this service. Also a nice banner promoting this new service would be useful for affiliates.


February 27th, 2012, 03:56 PM
We have added the ability to have the affiliate link go to the CF10 page. Just set the plat=CF10 instead of plat=CF.

We will update the affiliates info in the control panel and the images after ColdFusion 10 is officially launched.

February 28th, 2012, 02:35 AM
many thanks