View Full Version : How to Access ColdFusion Administrator from a Remote Computer

May 8th, 2012, 01:32 PM
By default, our Windows ColdFusion VPSs are configured to only allow connections to ColdFusion Administrator when logged into the server's Remote Desktop. If however you wish to log into ColdFusion Administrator from your local computer, you'll need to make an adjustment within IIS to allow this.

First, open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager icon on your server's desktop. Next, expand the server item in IIS, then expand the "Sites" folder. Now you'll need to click the "CFAdmin" site in IIS.

In the "IIS" section of the site, you'll see an icon labeled "IP Address and Domain Restrictions" - double click this icon.

Here you have a couple options to proceed:

1) The safest option is to click the "Add Allow Entry" link on the right side of the window, and add your computer's IP Address to the allow list. You can find your IP here: http://hostek.com/ip/

2) The other option is to disable the IP Restrictions feature for the "CFAdmin" site. To do this, click the "Edit Feature Settings" link on the right side of the window, and choose the "Allow Access for Unspecified Clients" option.