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  1. It sounds like there might be a lower-level...

    It sounds like there might be a lower-level permissions going on, so make sure your network drives are mapped properly with appropriate permissions.

    The only place in CF that would affect this is...
  2. We maintain nightly backups of our customers'...

    We maintain nightly backups of our customers' databases for 7 days (Web site file backups are kept for 14 days), and we'd be glad to restore your site's database from last night's backups. In order...
  3. Hi, This is something that should be...


    This is something that should be troubleshooted through our support system, not the forum. Please submit a ticket with the details and our team will be glad to help.
  4. Since we do not use a WAR deploy of ColdFusion...

    Since we do not use a WAR deploy of ColdFusion you would probably need to change the ColdFusion Installation Type to "Standard", and because the server does not deploy a WAR so the last two options...
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    Need to set Application variables in onApplicationStart method


    There are a few issues:

    1) The Application variable (basePath) needs to be set inside the onApplicationStart() method of the Application.cfc
    2) You will need to remove "this." from before...
  6. MX Records for Google Apps

    The specific MX records to use for Google Apps are below:

    Mail server

  7. Creating Custom php.ini Files for Sites on a cPanel VPS

    If you have a site on your cPanel VPS that needs a custom php.ini file, you can set that up by following these steps:

    Copy /usr/local/lib/php.ini to the site's Web root folder (public_html)....
  8. How to Access ColdFusion Administrator from a Remote Computer

    By default, our Windows ColdFusion VPSs are configured to only allow connections to ColdFusion Administrator when logged into the server's Remote Desktop. If however you wish to log into ColdFusion...
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    Fix for CFHTTP Connection Failures over HTTPS

    If you try to use <cfhttp> to connect to a secure site (over HTTPS), you may receive the following error: "Connection Failure: Status code unavailable"

    To fix this add the following code to your...
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    Hi, For database restores, you will need to...


    For database restores, you will need to first create the database as you mentioned then restore it with the myLittleBackup tool in your control panel (in the SQL Tools section)....
  11. How to Remove Authentication Prompt From ColdFusion Administrator

    By default, our ColdFusion VPS servers have the ColdFusion Administrator page password-protected by the Windows Adminstrator user and its password. This is just to provide additional security, but if...
  12. How To Disable Robust Exception Information on Sites

    To disable Robust Exception Information on a ColdFusion site, you will need to add the following to the top of your Application.cfc file:

    <cfset this.enablerobustexception = false />
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    Liam, If you've set the alias as a catch-all...


    If you've set the alias as a catch-all and the MX record is properly pointed, then you've done everything correctly. If this isn't working though, we'd need you to create a support ticket by...
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    MySQL ODBC Connection String for .NET

    If you need to create an ODBC connection to a MySQL Server from ASP.NET, you can use the following connection string

    string MyConString = "Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.1...
  15. How to Disable Directory Browsing on Linux Sites

    To disable Directory Browsing on a Linux (cPanel) server, you'll need to create a .htaccess file in your 'public_html' directory with the following code inside:

    Options -Indexes

    If your site...
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    Hi, To do this you'd first want to add a...


    To do this you'd first want to add a subdomain to your site to hold the Wordpress installation you plan to work on. You can add the subdomain (such as through your...
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    Hi, When creating scheduled tasks on our...


    When creating scheduled tasks on our shared servers it is important to keep track of the names of the tasks you create as security restrictions will prevent you from getting a list of all...
  18. Hi, You would just store the phone number as a...


    You would just store the phone number as a normal number, then format it after retrieving it from the database:

    <cfset phone=9189189118>

    areacode =...
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    Wes, Our ColdFusion servers have Sandbox...


    Our ColdFusion servers have Sandbox Security enabled, so we'll need to check the site's Sandbox settings to ensure they are correct.

    So we can do that, please submit a support ticket...
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    The first step is to make sure you've copied your...

    The first step is to make sure you've copied your site's WordPress files into your account at If you're on our Windows-based servers you'd place the site files in the "wwwroot" folder; if...
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    How to Manually Add Site to Railo VPS

    If you have a Railo VPS and do not have WCP (Windows Control Panel) installed, you'll need to follow these steps to get a new site working with Railo:

    1) Add the site in IIS

    2) Add a new...
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    How to Register a Domain Name

    To register a new domain name, you'll first have to log into your billing account at

    Once logged in, click the "Order" link at the bottom of the "Quick Navigation Links" at the...
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    ColdFusion Client Variables Datasource

    If you need your datasource set up as a ColdFusion Client Variables Store, you will need to request our support team do this for you.

    Please note, if your datasource MySQL DSN, you'll need to...
  24. How To Enable ColdFusion Error Pages for a Site

    If you are developing a site on your VPS and need to see the ColdFusion error pages in your browser (instead of the default IIS errors), do the following:

    First, open the IIS 7 Manager then...
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    How to restart your ColdFusion application

    If you ever need to restart your site's ColdFusion application (to pick up a setting change, etc), you can do so via the ApplicationStop() function in ColdFusion 9.

    To use this you can create a...
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