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  1. I ordered a SSL certificate with how long will it take before it is ready?

    Information regarding our SSL products/orders listed in two sections below. They are split into two sections as the process is different depending on which SSL product you ordered.

    1. If you...
  2. Can I set up a domain to point to a sub directory?

    We do not allow this.
  3. Domain name transfers and what happens when you initiate a domain name transfer.

    Below we provide information about transferring your domain name over to our registrar and a breakdown of the process (what to expect).

    How to order a domain name transfer

    First you will...
  4. Name Server information - NameServers for new domains

    Here is the Name Server information you need if you are registering a domain that we will host on our servers, or if you are switching a domain over to our servers.

    Windows/ColdFusion Platform:...
  5. Frequently asked questions in regards to registering a domain.

    1. What happens when I register a domain name with you?

    When you request that we register a domain name on your behalf, you will be the owner of the domain name (also called the domain name...
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    Does each domain get a Static IP?

    Yes for our Windows and Coldfusion reseller plans each domain gets a Static IP. You can add it in your helm control panel.

    Below are some steps.

    1.Login to your Helm control panel with the...
  7. I would like to upgrade/downgrade my account, what should I do?

    If you would like to upgrade/downgrade your hosting package it is very simple. Please go to the following link provided below.

    Fill out the support ticket including...
  8. Do you offer ColdFusion Standard or Enterprise edition?

    UPDATE: As of the release of ColdFusion 9, we now run the ColdFusion 9 Enterprise version on all of our new servers.

    We stil offer the Standard edition on our ColdFusion 8 servers. Both include...
  9. What happens when I place an order and how long does it take once I place an order?

    Once you have placed a webhosting order you will receive three emails.

    A.Welcome email

    This email just thanks you for ordering and provides you with your billing control panel login...
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    Is JDK installed on your coldfusion servers?

    Yes it is installed on all of our coldfusion servers.
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