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  1. Additional Details

    Based on the regular expression added by the security update, the following characters are allowed for the name attribute of the cfwindow tag:
    - Letters (a through z and A through Z)
    - Numbers (0...
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    Converting to Application.cfc

    Using an Application.cfc configuration file offers some advantages over the older style Application.cfm configuration files. Some of the main features that an Application.cfc file give you are...
  3. RE: Redirect old htm files to new php pages in WordPress

    I tested the rewrite rules you posted, and they worked successfully on my test site. If you are on a Windows 2008 server, WordPress may have some IIS rewrite rules within the web.config file that...
  4. RE: Can Anybody Help, i am getting this error

    The following rule should perform the appropriate redirect and fix any similar urls as well:

    RewriteRule http://www\.mywebsite\.com(.*)$ $1 [NC,R=301]

    The 'NC' flag means 'No Case',...
  5. Thread: Mssql 2008

    by davidd

    We do not have any options on our shared MSSQL...

    We do not have any options on our shared MSSQL servers that would allow this to take place completely on the database layer. However, this would be possible with one of our VPS servers.

    If I...
  6. Smartermail - Mail Signing / Domain Keys / DKIM

    If you are interested in enabling Mail Signing with your Smartermail mail account, you will soon find there are a few different options that can be confusing as to what they do. This is a short...
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    Output CF Error details without CFDump

    It is common in an error handler that you want to output all of the error details to the screen, a file, or an email. Therefore, the cfdump tag is commonly used for this; and, while this works well...
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    Using Web Deploy with Web Matrix

    Microsoft's Web Matrix tool, as well as several other web publishing tools from Microsoft, use what is called 'Web Deploy' for publishing sites. Web Deploy not only publishes your files, but also...
  9. In general, the only files that you do NOT need...

    In general, the only files that you do NOT need to publish are project files (.csproj, .vbproj, .sln, .suo, etc.) and code files (files ending in .cs or .vb).

    Project files are only used by Visual...
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    I do recommend updating the MySQL connector to...

    I do recommend updating the MySQL connector to the latest version since there is a good chance that will resolve the current issues. For a live site, the best way to test these types of changes is...
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    I was checking into this and noticed that you are...

    I was checking into this and noticed that you are currently using a very old version of the MySQL Connector/Net ( Since these issue may have been resolved in later releases of MySQL...
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    Using ASPPDF via COM with

    Hostek currently supports many COM components that have been used for years with classic ASP, ASPPDF being one of them. For sites using ASP.Net, you can easily leverage the power of these libraries...
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    In order to resolve this error, please ensure...

    In order to resolve this error, please ensure that you have uploaded the "" file to your /bin folder. Then add the following to your web.config file anywhere within the 'configuration'...
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    The error is a Javascript error and is the cause...

    The error is a Javascript error and is the cause of the 'Loading' message never going away. Please try refreshing your browser on the page (or clearing your browser cache) to ensure that your...
  15. WebMatrix - ASP.Net Razor .cshtml hosting support

    Below are some details about Razor .cshtml files, generally created with WebMatrix:

    What are Razor / .cshtml files?

    As part of the WebMatrix tool, the ASP.Net MVC Framework 3.0 introduced a new...
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    Do you support secure FTP (FTPs)?

    NOTE: SFTP is not the same as FTPS. SFTP stands for SSH-FTP, which uses the Linux SSH protocol, and it is not available on any of our Windows servers. FTPS stands for FTP over SSL, which is what...
  17. Thread: Sub-domains

    by davidd

    Pre-Propagation Testing for Sub Domains

    For Windows and ColdFusion domains in the "" hosting control panel, you can use the following format to test sub-domains before the domain has been pointed to our name servers:

  18. Security Exception when Saving Mura Site Settings

    If you get a security exception when saving the Site Settings page in Mura, check the stack trace from the error and verify if the following is the last template on the site that is in the stack...
  19. I tested the rewrite rule you gave and it worked...

    I tested the rewrite rule you gave and it worked correctly for me on a test site.

    Please submit a support ticket via our support page or by emailing [email protected] We can then test this on...
  20. The following should redirect all requests for...

    The following should redirect all requests for your domain to the /subfolder directory. You can update 'subfolder' to whatever folder to which you are wanting the requests to go:

  21. Rewrite all wild-card sub-domain requests to a...

    Rewrite all wild-card sub-domain requests to a folder without affecting "" or "":

    Wild-Card Subdomains

    # Ignore requests that are already rewritten ...
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    Installing DotShoppingCart

    Installing DotShoppingCart on a shared hosting server takes a few steps. First, you will want to ensure you are on a Windows 2008/IIS 7 server. You can contact support to verify this or to have...
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    MS SQL - Saving changes is not permitted

    When using MS SQL Server Management Studio 2008, the following error occurs when making changes to a table that require the table to be re-created (I.E. the changes cannot be accomplished using ALTER...
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    CFHTTP - different results than web browser

    If you are using CFHTTP to retrieve a page via HTTP GET and are getting different results than when you browse there with a web browser, one common cause for this is that the page being retrieved is...
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    7,454 BeanFactory.cfc read

    The following is an error we have encountered on some versions of the ColdBox Framework:

    Security: The requested template has been denied access to BeanFactory.cfc.
    The following is the...
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