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    Register your own Nameservers

    Our wiki contains details for the following solutions:

    Registering your own Nameservers for domains registered with

    Registering your own Nameservers as part of setting up your own...
  2. MURA - access denied ("" "/sites/not_your_domain/" "read")

    This is a bug within Mura where the javaloader is being set in a server variable by the first mura site to run then can't be read by other sites on the same server due to coldfusion sandboxing. To...
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    cfcalendar - 404 error flash form missing

    When using the code example from Adobe for cfcalendar we have seen customers experience 404 errors within the frame containing the flash form. On these occasions it was caused by a Re-write rule...
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    Jon, Our billing system will charge for the plan...

    Our billing system will charge for the plan type according to the schedule of listed tiers. For example if you have 20 domains, HALF ColdFusion Windows and HALF Railo Windows then you would be...
  5. Slow page maintenance - Converting Access to MySQL

    The rule of thumb for ColdFusion databases is never use Microsoft Access on production websites. In this post I will explain our current suggestion for converting a Microsoft Access database to a...
  6. How to handle Session Management - Bots and Spiders

    First and foremost we suggest creating a robots.txt file in the web root of the domain to address two issues. First to control the rate at which the website is being crawled which can help prevent a...
  7. CFWINDOW CF 9.0.1 - There was an error while validation.

    When using the cfwindow tag an error is thrown:

    There was an error while validation.
    For more details check logs.

    The stack trace will include:
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    Regarding CFWheels installation on Cpanel Linux...

    Regarding CFWheels installation on Cpanel Linux with Railo:

    Installing wheels in a sub-directory does not work by default, we recommend installing only in the root directory and if for development...
  9. How to create a copy of a website in Mura - For backup, development or templating

    These steps will create a bundle for redeployment on the same mura installation however they can be applied many scenarios such as creating a backup or for moving a Mura site to a new server for...
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    How to install the Model-Glue framework

    Installing Model-Glue Framework on a shared account at

    ColdSpring is a requirement for Model-Glue, follow the ColdSpring Framework installation instructions.
    Unzip the contents of...
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    How to install the ColdSpring framework

    Installing ColdSpring Framework on a shared account at

    Download the latest release from
    Extract the conents into your web root (Windows:...
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    As Brian mentioned one of the most important...

    As Brian mentioned one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself is using strong passwords. See this article for more information on KEYS for creating strong passwords.
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    KEYS for creating strong passwords

    Security expert Steve Gibson has created a well detailed web page on password strength and provided a tool to measure the strength, GRC's Interactive Brute Force Password “Search Space” Calculator....
  14. Report Viewer - 404 Error - File or directory not found

    When utilizing ASP.NET Report Viewer you may receive a 404 File or directory not found error. This is because the managed handler is missing in IIS for the domain serving your .NET application.
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    While there are no coupons for SEO Hosting, we...

    While there are no coupons for SEO Hosting, we offer the most competitive pricing for the value in Hosting, and would be glad to assist you with SEO on your website as part of our design services.
  16. ASPUpload - Windows 2008 - sc-win32-status code 64

    For customers utilizing ASPUpload for file downloading with SendBinary to automatically build the headers Content-Type experience a connection resetting causing W3SVC logs with sc-win32-status code...
  17. Rewrite all requests for /joomlainstallation to...

    Rewrite all requests for /joomlainstallation to the root level:

    RewriteRule ^joomlainstallation/(.*)$ /$1 [NC,R=301]
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    Configuring Postini - mail accounts

    Postini service is a "pass thru" spam and malware service that captures messages before they reach you're mail box. Common misconceptions are:

    - Postini is a an EMAIL provider.
    - If a domains MX...
  19. How to setup Mura - SES friendly URLs on Shared ColdFusion Hosting

    After installing Mura CMS, on either Windows ColdFusion Hosting or Linux ColdFusion Hosting.

    1. Using FTP or through our Windows Control Panel or Cpanel Control Panel, open to edit the Mura...
  20. UPDATE - ColdFusion 9.0.1 Patch fixes issue in 9.0.0

    Adobe fixed this function in the 9.0.1 update, to fix they suggested testing the code on a 9.0.1 server before hand.

    Secondly, instead of using the POI utility which is not designed for speed but...
  21. CF9 - Creating spreadsheets with cfspreadsheet using spreadsheetAddRows() is slow

    There is slowness when creating spreadsheets with <cfspreadsheet> while using the function spreadsheetAddRows(). According to reports for 100 rows approximate time is 1 second or more, 250 rows 20+...
  22. Thread: Google Apps

    by JonC

    How to use Google Apps mail servers with Web Hosting

    Support for Google Apps, more specifically Google Mail is supported by changing the MX records for you're domain name in the DNS zone. While these terms may seem confusing simply stated letting the...
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    ColdFusion - best practices for uploading files

    The best practices for uploading files including images come with their caveats, but these can be handled in a practical way that insures a high level of security, speed and flexibility.

  24. Setting up a Mura site on Shared Windows hosting

    Login to your Windows Control Panel,
    Select the domain you wish to install Mura
    Create a Database, MySQL or MSSQL...
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    cfajaximport - 503 error

    Problem Summary: using the cfajaximport tag does not properly load the RailoAjax.js resulting in a 503 error, missing file.

    Solution: In shared hosting you will need to copy the file RailoAjax.js...
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