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    Please submit a ticket to [email protected]

    Please submit a ticket to [email protected] with the details of your account and what domain you are trying to add so we can assist you with this issue.
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    How can I edit the content of my site?

    There are several different ways that you can edit the content of your site depending on how it was originally created.

    File Manager

    Within your control panel (either WCP or cPanel) you can...
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    Please submit a ticket to [email protected] with...

    Please submit a ticket to [email protected] with the details of the subdomain that you are needing the shared ssl to work on and we will get this setup to work for you
  4. How to create a custom WCP control panel url for your customers

    If you would like to have your own control panel url instead of giving your customers the url then you will need to follow these steps

    1. Create a DNS entry for this like...
  5. Domain Renewal - Redemption Period - Expired

    The cost to get a domain name out of redemption period is $110.00.
    Here is a link to pay for the domain redemption

    If the domain expires it may...
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    How to install the geotrust true site seal

    As part of your SSL Certificate Service, you are entitled to display the GeoTrust True Site Seal - recognized across the Internet and around the world as a symbol of authenticity, security, and trust...
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    We have a forum post located at ...

    We have a forum post located at

    that covers this.

    Also here is an example of the different syntax that can be used...
  8. How to add audio to site that is compatible with multiple browsers

    You will need to open the page that you are wanting to add the audio to and make sure you are editing the HTML code. (Refer to here on how to edit the html code in sitemaker.)

    You can add this...
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    Domain transfer is Pending Registry Approval

    If a registrar transfer is Pending Registry Approval, the transfer is waiting for the current registrar to respond to the request. If there is no response from them after one week from the request...
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    How to block an IP using a web.config file

    If you do not already have a web.config file you will need to use a text editor and save the file as web.config, add the appropriate content and then place the web.config in the folder you would like...
  11. Error: incoming tabular data stream (TDS) remote procedure call (RPC) protocol stream

    If you are getting an error similar to this

    The incoming tabular data stream (TDS) remote procedure call (RPC) protocol stream is incorrect. + Parameter 1 (""): Data type 0x38 is unknown.
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    URL too long for Mura

    If you have a long url or are using the pre-prop url in Mura and running into issues with it being too long you will need to edit your database to allow for more characters.

    To do this in...
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    wordpress does that natively in the new or edit...

    wordpress does that natively in the new or edit page - beside the editor, click on "visibility", you can then password protect that page.

    You can also click on plugins in wordpress and then search...
  14. How to connect to your SQL 2008 database using SQL Server Management Studio

    You can find your database information in the MS SQL section of the control panel: (WCP

    Open SQL Server Management Studio, the "Connect to Server" window will open....
  15. How to enable/manage Frontpage Extensions in WCP

    First you will need to log into your WCP control panel at and load your domain.

    Next you will click on the Frontpage Extensions icon.

    If it is not enabled you will be able...
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    How to connect to ftp via Windows Explorer

    You can upload to your hosting area using Windows Explorer. Here are some details:

    Step #1
    Open My Computer or Windows Explorer. In the address bar put in your domain starting with "ftp://" and...
  17. How to compact and repair a MS Access database and why you should

    MS Access database files will grow over time as you use them and over time the performance of the database can be affected. Access databases also can become corrupted or damaged.

    You can use...
  18. How to setup password protected directories in WCP

    First you will need to log into your WCP control panel at and load your domain.

    Under the Files section click on Password Protect, browse to and click on the folder that you...
  19. How to manually renew a domain name early in WHMCS

    By default an invoice will be generated 2 weeks prior to a domain name expiring at which time you can log into your billing control panel at and pay the invoice to renew the...
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    Editing MX records in WCP

    To edit your MX records in WCP you will first need to login at

    Once you have your domain loaded click on DNS Editor

    You should have a current default MX record listed.
  21. How to see how much diskspace each email user is using in smartermail

    You will need to log into smartermail with your Mailadmin user.

    Once logged in click on the Reports icon on the left side, expand Domain Summary Reports, expand Traffic Reports and then click on...
  22. How to send an email to a smartermail mailing list

    To create a new mailing list message, simply compose a new email message and send it to the mailing list email address.

    The email must be sent from the user set as the moderator in the...
  23. How to update domain contact information or nameservers in WHMCS

    You will need to log into your billing control panel at

    Click on My Domains, then click on the edit icon next to your domain.

    Uncheck the box for the domain lock and...
  24. Sitemaker changes not showing up on live site

    If you have made any changes to your sitemaker site and published it but the changes are not showing up try choosing the option to re-publish the entire site instead of just recent changes.

  25. Emails disappearing from Deleted Items, Junk E-Mail, or Sent Items

    If you notice that emails disappear from 1 or all of these folders the most likely cause of this is a feature in smartermail called "Folder Auto-Clean".

    You can set this up/adjust this on a domain...
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