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Thread: How do I generate the CSR so I can order a SSL Certificate in IIS7?

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    Default How do I generate the CSR so I can order a SSL Certificate in IIS7?

    Having a SSL Certificate for a site is recommended for processing secure activity such as credit cards or other personal data.

    We have partnered with GeoTrust to be able to provide you with discounted pricing on GeoTrust certificates for the GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium, GeoTrust TrueBusiness ID and the GeoTrust True Business ID EV (green bar).

    For a site to use a Certificate, the site must have it's own static/dedicated IP.

    To get a certificate issued for a site on a Windows Server, you first need to create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request). This CSR is what you would provide to us when you order the certificate.

    Here are the steps to obtain the CSR on your Windows dedicated server (based on IIS7):

    1. In IIS 7, click on the Server Name/Administrator in the tree-menu on the left
    2. Choose 'Server Certificates' in the center area(double-click it)
    3. If new certificate... From the 'Actions' listed on the right, choose 'Create Certificate Request...'
    4. If renewing an existing certificate... Find the URL in the list, right click, choose Renew, then Create a Renewal Certificate Request'
    5. Enter the certificate details (for the State, spell out the state, do not abbreviate) and click 'Next'
    6. Choose the bit length(1024 = 128 byte cert, 2048 = 256 byte cert). 128 is the most common, however we would suggest the 256 byte cert for stronger encryption.
    7. Click 'Next'
    8. Enter a location to save the CSR to a file and click 'Finish'.

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    How can I do this with Linux hosting (by cPanel)?
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    Igor, Please follow the link below to a similar forum post you posted regarding the generation of a CSR for your cpanel domain.

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    chrisd, Thanks!

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