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Thread: Using CFFILE to delete files

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    Default Using CFFILE to delete files

    I am attempting to use CFFILE to delete a file from a temporary upload folder - after I have completed processing.

    The syntax I am using is:

    <cffile action="DELETE" file="D:\home\\uploads\images\#cffile .serverFile#">

    The results is:

    Security: The requested template has been denied access to D:\home\\uploads\images\aaaaaa.jpg.
    The following is the internal exception message: access denied ( D:\home\\uploads\images\aaaaaa.jpg delete)

    ColdFusion cannot determine the line of the template that caused this error. This is often caused by an error in the exception handling subsystem.

    The file exists, all process is complete successfully, it just appears that the webserver does not have permissions to delete files from that directory.

    How do I grant permissions to the webserver to delete those files?

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    jsnowden3 Guest

    Default Answer from Hostek Support

    Yuo have to contact hostek support. They will enable this functionality...

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    Update: For the past several months, this has been enabled automatically on all new accounts.

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