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Thread: Are connections maintained between MSSQL and CF DSN?

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    Default Are connections maintained between MSSQL and CF DSN?

    There is a link on site Settings in Mura that says "Update Core Files to Latest Version". When I click it, a dialog box pops up saying "If your are using MSSQL you must uncheck Maintain Connections in your CF administrator datasource settings before proceeding. You may turn it back on after the update is complete."

    Since I do not have access to CF Admin and Helm does not give me as much control and information as CF Admin would, does anyone know of a way that I can see if the connection between CF DSN and MSSQL is maintained and how can I release and reinstate that connection if the connection is maintained?

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    To answer your question, currently, we have "Maintain Connections" unchecked.

    We are researching the possibility of enabling this for only MS SQL and MySQL datasources and leaving MS Access datasources unchecked. If we make this change, we will try to post that here for reference.

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