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Thread: How can I add audio or video to a page in SiteMaker?

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    Default How can I add audio or video to a page in SiteMaker?

    While editing the page you want to add the audio or video to, click on the link button in the menu.

    Choose 'your files' on the link to option. Then you will browse to and upload your files.

    Hint: SiteMaker account must be activated before you can upload files through SiteMaker.

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    Default How to Embed Audio on SiteMaker Pages

    If you'd like to embed the audio on a page in Sitemaker (instead of just linking to the file), please follow these directions:

    • Log into Sitemaker and click 'edit' next to your page.
    • You will be taken to a page that asks you if you really wish to edit the page. Click the "Yes, Proceed to Edit" button to continue.
    • In the edit window click the "Link" button
    • Select the radio button for "My Files"
    • Now you can upload one of your files by clicking the "Choose File" button, then clicking the upload button once you find the file.
    • Once the file has uploaded, it will appear in the "My Files" window. At this point, you can close the popup window

    Now you can embed the audio within your page. To do that, you'll need to edit the HTML for the page that will play the audio. Then you can add the embed code on this page:
    Please note, the section of that page labeled "The Best HTML Solution" has the code you'll need.

    You'll just replace the audio files in your code with the actual filename for the audio clip. For example, if the file name is "soundclip1.mp3" and you uploaded that file to a folder named 'audio' on your site, then your embed code would look like this:
    <audio controls="controls" height="50px width="100px">
      <source src="audio/soundclip1.mp3" type="audio/mpeg" />
    <embed height="50px width="100px" src="audio/soundclip1.mp3" />
    Last, be sure to publish the page in Sitemaker to make these adjustments live.
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    Default uploading mp3 file

    I followed these directions and it allowed me to choose the file but then the upload button will not work. Am I missing something?

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    Hello brobinson60,

    Have you requested your SiteMaker account to be activated yet? As the account must be activated in order to allow Sitemaker to connect to your site on the server to upload the files.

    If you need to have your Sitemaker account activated please submit a support ticket at "" requesting your account to be activated along with the Sitemaker username you signed up with. We will then get this activated for you.

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