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Thread: How to create strong passwords

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    Default How to create strong passwords

    When creating your password, you should always make it as strong as possible. Doing this and changing your password periodically will decrease the likelihood of someone cracking your password. Microsoft has some great tips on making strong passwords that are easy to remember: Create Strong Passwords

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    Default KEYS for creating strong passwords

    Security expert Steve Gibson has created a well detailed web page on password strength and provided a tool to measure the strength, GRC's Interactive Brute Force Password “Search Space” Calculator.

    Use length for strong passwords.
    The most important factor for quality passwords is length.

    Use password padding.
    Password length can be simple characters such as a period "." or other special character "!" which creates padding and HIGHLY strengthens the password. For example a simple password might be "tR33............" the length and use of numbers and special characters makes this password very complex.

    Use characters in your password.
    The most common passwords are all lowercase, and the most uncommon passwords contain characters.

    Attempts to discover passwords start with all lower case, so utilize upper case, characters and padding to create complex yet simple to remember passwords. Creating strong passwords for on line logins, FTP, billing and control panel access is a simple yet effective way to protect your online assets.
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    Default age, deridsE

    if you creating a password you must follow three steps.........first use capital letters,small letters,number and shift key..
    my password is peterparker87 means use like this (Peterparker*&)it makes you password strength...

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