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Thread: 02/02/2010 - Plesk webmail unavailable

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    Default 02/02/2010 - Plesk webmail unavailable

    After a recent upgrade of the Plesk control panel webmail is not working correctly. We have an open ticket with Parallels (the makers of plesk) to resolve the issue.

    Thanks for your patience, we will be updating this thread as we have more information.

    Hostek Operations

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    As a temporary resolution, we suggest accessing your mail with IMAP which will leave your messages on the server but allow you to send and receive now.

    For Windows customer, Microsoft Mail or Outlook Express can be used.
    - Account type should be: IMAP
    - User: [email protected]
    - Pass: your webmail password

    For MAC and/or Windows users ThunderBird which is a free download can be used for IMAP:
    - Download and install ThunderBird
    - Account type should be: IMAP (NOT POP3)
    - User: [email protected]
    - Pass: your webmail password
    Jon Cavanaugh
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    The Plesk Webmail is now operational again. Thank you for your patience.

    Jon C.
    Hostek Operations

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