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Thread: How to manually install oscommerce for windows and coldfustion sites.

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    Default How to manually install oscommerce for windows and coldfustion sites.

    Here is a more simplified version of how to install Oscommerce for our windows or coldfusion hosting customers. By doing a manual install, you can be assured your running the latest version. While the application in helm packs are faster to install, it takes time before our application packs are updated to the latest version so we may not always have the latest version available.

    First you will need to download the oscommerce files from the website at

    Once you have download the oscommerce files you will need upload the contents of the "catalog" folder (not the catalog folder itself, but the files and folders within it) to a folder where you want the shipping cart to display. For example, if my site was "" and I wanted my cart to show up by going to "", I would upload the contents of the catalog folder, to the "cart" folder in my site. If you want your cart to show up as the main page of the site, then you upload them to your sites root folder, "wwwroot".

    Then you will need to create a mysql database. This is done in the mysql area of HELM. Create a database and give it a name you can remember, like "mysitecart" (use your actual site name) for example. Make sure you note the exact name of your database, as you will need it later during the install. After you create the database, create a database username and password for it in the mysql section. Again take note of the username/password as you will need it later.

    After you create the user, you will need to write down the IP address of the mysql serve your database is on. Click on your database name in the mysql section of helm, and write down the first ip address you see for the server, should begin with "10.10.11.*" something. Again, you need this soon.

    Now your ready to begin the installation by browsing to the folder you uploaded the oscommerce files to. In my example, I uploaded the files to my "cart" folder, so I would goto "" to start the install. From here, follow along and follow the instructions. When you it asks for the database, you will need to give it the database name, the database username/password, and the IP address of the mysql server that you wrote down previously. Then just follow the instructions to complete the install.

    If any permissions problems occur, please contact our support department ([email protected]) to have them fixed. Just copy the permission error it gives you an and let us know.
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