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    Default MySQL Tools

    We have phpMyAdmin available for all of our database servers. You can get to phpMyAdmin through a link in your control panel or by going directly to this URL:

    If you are using any of the advanced features of MySQL such as stored procedures and triggers, we recommend the following free tools that would allow you to do this.

    For Windows:

    For Mac:

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    JamesRLamar Guest

    Default Connecting to MySQL from behind proxy

    I use Navicat and I'd like to connect to MySQL from behind a proxy which requires uploading a tunneling script file - ntunnel_mysql.php. Is this doable or is there some other way to connect from behind a proxy other than PHPmyAdmin?

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    James, Please submit a ticket at "" including the log in information you are attempting to use to log in with Navicat.

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