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Thread: Password Protected Directory Listings - AutoIndex PHP Script

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    Default Password Protected Directory Listings - AutoIndex PHP Script

    Sometimes it is helpful to have a directory's contents listed when viewed in a browser. This can be done via an .htaccess file, but to keep it secure you would also have to password-protect the directory. Even if you implement this solution, you are not able to manage the files in the directory.

    Using an open source Web application named AutoIndex PHP Script, you can easily implement a PHP-based, password protected file manager. Here are the steps to install this Web app:

    First you will need to download AutoIndex PHP Script from its homepage:
    We recommend using version 2.0 as it is compatible with all our servers. Click the 'zip' link to download the installation files.

    Once you have the zip file downloaded, open it and extract the 'AutoIndex-2.2.4' folder to your computer.

    Now you will need to upload the contents of the extracted folder via FTP to the folder on your server you wish to be listed.

    To start the installation point your browser to the index.php file you just uploaded. Here you will be able to customize the installation how you wish. At the minimum we recommend changing the administrator and user passwords to something very secure. Please see this forum post for a guide on creating good passwords:

    After the installation is complete, visitors will be prompted for a username and password whenever they visit the directory you just configured. AutoIndex also has a good forum in case you have questions about the software:
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