When inserting an image into one of your Sitemaker pages, you may notice Sitemaker resize your image (usually making it smaller). This happens when the "Resize" option is set to "Default" in the InsertImages window.

To prevent Sitemaker from resizing your pictures, do the following:

  1. When editing a page, choose "Insert" then click "Image"
  2. Upload your image. When it is uploaded, click its name in the "InsertImages" window.
  3. You should see a preview of the image. Above the image should be a dropdown box with "Resize" written next to it. Change the value in this box from "Default" to "Original Size"
  4. Click the "Insert Image" button. This will insert your image into the page without changing the image size.

When you are done editing the page, preview and accept the changes. The image should appear correctly on your Web page once your site is published.