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Thread: Unicode in MySql connection

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    Default Unicode in MySql connection

    I am having a problem updating a MySql table with unicode values via a CF connection. The unicode values that are already in the database display fine and I can run updates via my MySql Query Browser session but when I run update code or call a stored procedure through Cold Fusion the unicode characters are inserted as ???????.

    Here is a code sample.

    UPDATE thetable SET Value = 'М. Ильчишин' WHERE Id = '19'

    Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing?

    Thanks in advance.

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    In order to use unicode, your Coldfusion DSN must have unicode enabled in its connection string. Simply email [email protected] with your domain name, and your CF DSN name, and let us know to add "unicode to the connection string" and we can get that set for you.

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