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    I've just created my first ASP.NET Web Application Project and would like to deploy it to my website (it is a ColdFusion account but it is on a Windows platform. The website server is nt3) in a subdirectory. What would be the best way to go about this? I'd like to use One-Click publishing from Visual Studio 2010 but I do not know if Hostek supports that. I did see the article at " " that tells how to publish using Microsoft Expression Web . Would this work for a ASP.NET Web Application Project or would I need to turn the project into a ASP.NET Web Site before I can use Expression Web?
    Last edited by benshelden; April 24th, 2010 at 11:16 AM. Reason: I just noticed in helm that the scripting support for ASP.NET is only 2.0. I'm going to email support.

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    You won't want to use Expression Web. You can do that from Visual Studio. Here is an article from Microsoft on publishing web application projects.

    Regarding .NET 4.0, we have installed that on a few servers so far, and will be rolling it out to all the Windows/ColdFusion servers soon. I know it's not on the NT3 server yet. You mentioned emailing support, and that will help get NT3 moved up higher on the list.

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    Regarding 'One-Click publishing' with Visual Studios 2010:

    We currently only support the FTP version of the One-Click publishing. The following Microsoft article shows the steps to configure that within Visual Studios 2010:

    David D.

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