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Thread: Vanity or Custom Nameservers - How to setup for Dedicated Servers

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    Default Vanity or Custom Nameservers - How to setup for Dedicated Servers

    This provides the option to point customers domains or domains that you or your organization owns to /

    Supplying custom name servers delivers a more professional, polished appearance to customers beginning to use your services or potential customers inquiring about your service.

    Follow these steps:
    1) Your must own the domain you wish to use for your custom nameservers and control the DNS for the domain name.
    A. For a un-hosted domain create/add in your dedicated server control panel "" or if no control panel, create a new DNS zone for the domain name.
    B. For domains hosted outside of our network, and DNS controlled at another provider simply skip to step 2.

    2) Create A records of "" and "" using the name server IP Address.

    3) At the registrar where "" is managed, add the name servers and server IP, this process is usually called "Registering a Nameserver". Contact the registrar support with questions regarding this process. If has registered the domain name for you, contact our support to register these vanity nameservers.
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