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Thread: How to setup a local host / to test web pages?

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    Default How to setup a local host / to test web pages?

    Hi all!

    I wanted to find out how to i setup a dns etc to test a site on my computer so i don't need to upload the files every 100 times to test things, etc in my browser i will type in


    and it will preview all my files etc etc...

    Thanks in advanced for your help =]

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    Default ColdFusion 9 Developer Edition


    You will be able to set this up through a Developer Edition installation of ColdFusion:
    Download Page for ColdFusion 9 - Developer Edition

    If you are using Windows, this tutorial will help get you started:
    Step-by-step Coldfusion 9 Installation

    This article covers getting set up on a Mac:
    Installing ColdFusion 9 Developer Edition on Mac OS X

    Let us know if you need anything else, and we'll be glad to help!
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