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Thread: CF9 tags not working on my site

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    123vcbcmtor Guest

    Default CF9 tags not working on my site

    I am now developing the site using the new tags available in CF9 and I am starting to run into some tage errors. The tag CFmedaplayer is not available and certian elements of CFWindow are not available as well. I need help finding out if my domain is pointed to the CF9 server. Please help. Thank you!!

    Chris Mee

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    Chris, the best way to do this would be to send support an email to [email protected] or open a ticket at give support your domain name and ask which server the domain is set up under, if it is 7 or 8, we can get your site moved to 9.

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    123vcbcmtor Guest

    Default Thanks

    Thanks for you help with this


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