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Thread: Tips for all around better website and online security.

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    Default Tips for all around better website and online security.

    If you ever found something nasty uploaded or changed on your website, and dont wish for it to happen again. Heres some great tips on securing your site and being safer online:

    1. Use only strong passwords, especially for FTP, this would include using a combination of upper and lower case characters, numbers, and symbols (!#$ etc.). Basically the less it looks like English, the better and more secure it is. For example, "un#PT128h!" would be considered a strong password because it has no words in it that can be guessed.

    2. Never store your passwords in any program, ever! This includes storing passwords in your FTP program, and especially your browser.

    3. Use a less widely used browser, like Firefox or google chrome. This decreases your chances of getting malware, as Internet Explorer is targeted the most because bad people know its on every windows machine.

    4. If there are any places in your site that allow someone to upload files, make sure it has proper security on it, such as making sure its password protected either by a login system or password protected folder. Also restrict the uploads to the file type needed and not any file type.

    6. If you use a pre-built, content management system on your site such as wordpress, or Joomla, keep it up to date! Hackers love finding exploits in popular applications and target them. Keeping your application up to date ensures that any known vulnerabilities are fixed.

    7. The last and best rule, always have good anti-virus running on any computer used to access your site files. Make sure its kept up to date at least weekly (preferably daily) and we also recommend that it include active, real-time protection.

    Also, if your a website programmer, you may find this article interesting about the Top 25 most dangerous programming errors:
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