On our linux/cpanel hosting we have started to use SimpleScripts, which allows you to install an amazing assortment of popular applications, scripts, and content management systems (CMS's) such as wordpress, oscommerce, joomla, and many more. This allows more applications and faster updates then our older system such as fantastico.

You can also have SimpleScripts take over management and updates of pre-existing applications, such as applications you installed with fantastico, or applications you installed yourself such as manual installation of wordpress for example.

To Import your existing applications into SimpleScripts, follow these steps from within your site cPanel.

1. Make sure your contact info is up to date in the "Update Contact Info" area in cPanel. SimpleScripts uses your email address listed in cPanel to send you notifications about your installs, so this needs to be up to date.

2. Click on the "Simple Scripts" button in your cPanel. This takes you to their website where it will list the applications/scripts they support. Click on the appropriate script/application your trying to import. i.e. if your wanting to take over a wordpress installation, click on wordpress in the script list.

*NOTE* - If you dont see your application/script in the list, then you cannot use Simple Scripts to manage it. Sorry.

3. Click on the green "Import" button.

4. Input the FULL URL to the folder where you installed your particular installation, and click the import button again.

Simple Scripts will then scan your installation and add to your installs list. Once done you can then use Simple Scripts to manage it, including un-installing and upgrading.

If you have any problems, or questions, contact [email protected]