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    What are Hostek's plans on upgrading Smartermail to version 7?

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    The next server we bring online will be SmarterMail 7, which should be later this year. However, we are currently running SmarterMail 7 on an internal mail server to verify that it is stable. We generally wait several months before upgrading any existing servers to a brand new version, to give them time to work out any bugs that may exists. We will most likely be offering a SmarterMail 7 server before Thanksgiving, as we will not upgrade a mail server between Thanksgiving and New Years, as that is a very busy e-commerce time.

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    We now have our Mail3 server running smartermail 7 and we will be upgrading our other mail servers over the next couple weeks.

    Update: October 31, 2010: We now have over 40% of the mail servers upgraded to SmarterMail 7.2. We will likely be doing a couple more or so this coming weekend.
    Update: January 15, 2011: We now have 100% of our SmarterMail mail servers running SmarterMail 7.4.

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    Great news, thanks!

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