To set up an email account on your Android phone or tablet running Android 2.2 (Froyo) go to your program list and then click "Mail".

Click the down arrow at the top to choose an account and select "New Account"

If you would like to keep your emails on the server select IMAP option. Picking "POP" option will let you download emails to your device and remove them from the server once downloaded.

Mail program will automatically pre-fill the correct port number for you.
In the "Email address" field put your email address and place same full email address in the "Username" section.
Enter the correct IMAP server address (usually your domain name with "mail." in front).
Leave "Security type" on "None" and port on 143.

The setup is almost complete. You can leave "Account name" as your email address and add your name, then click "Finish Setup".