If you attempt to install or import an application with simple scripts and you get the following error:

Page Not Found
Your server responded with a "Page Not Found" error, which means we are looking in the wrong spot for your domain files. We have tried everything we could to get around DNS pointing issues, but with no success. To continue, please point your domain name to your hosting account or web server. Alternatively, you can try the Access Sync utility to point us in the right direction.
Many times this is followed by another error:
Order Validation Failed
The order you specified either does not exist, or you do not have access.
This solution may help you:
In your public_html directory, look for files that are named something like ss_snapshot_Fxyz.php (xyz representing a unique value). Sometimes these files are under a "html" directory.

Create a directory to move these files or the entire html directory to for a backup in case you may need these files.

Try the simple scripts installation again and in many cases this error is resolved.