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Thread: Railo hosting now available

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    Default Railo hosting now available is pleased to announce that we are now offering shared Railo hosting plans. We are launching the Railo hosting plans free of charge during a beta period through April 30, 2011.

    Why is offering Railo hosting?
    We continue to get frequent requests from customers and potential customers asking for Railo hosting. Recently we have had some customers have to look elsewhere for Railo hosting due to some projects they were working on. We must offer a full suite of products for our customers, which prompted us to begin offering Railo hosting packages. Currently, we are offering Railo on our Windows servers, so developers can utilize PHP, ASP.NET and Railo all on the same server.

    What about ColdFusion? is committed to providing excellent, affordable ColdFusion hosting. We are a Silver level hosting partner with Adobe. By offering Railo hosting, we are not moving away from Adobe's ColdFusion. Developers that want to use Railo over ColdFusion, and vice versa, will host where a reliable and affordable hosting platform is that matches their development preferences, whether that be PHP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion or Railo. At we have invested heavily into our network and cloud infrastructure to assure that we are offering such services.

    Why are the Railo hosting and ColdFusion hosting prices the same?
    First, providing an excellent hosting environment, quality bandwidth, under-utilized servers with a quality USA based support team is not cheap. Secondly, as mentioned above, we fully support Adobe's ColdFusion. Likewise, we intend to fully support Railo also. While the details of this support are not solidified at this time, as our experience with Railo grows, as well as our Railo hosting base grows, we will be committed to supporting Railo accordingly.

    Order a Railo hosting plan today for a domain that we do not currently host and enjoy it free through April 30, 2011. Although we already have experience with Railo, this will provide our staff with additional Railo server experience to help insure we are offering the same level of quality service that we do with our other hosting packages.

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    dantheman Guest

    Default Railo on windows - whats the point?

    Like most people I am interested in Railo as a free or cheaper alternative to CF.
    But by putting your on windows naturally you have to charge windows type costs.
    Like Blue Dragon when it got expensive and unpopular.
    The Railo people have made it linux and cost friendly and you are now condemning it to
    being an equally expensive but relatively less powerful alternative.

    No selling points there. I would have dived at a cheaper linux railo plan for cheap clients
    but there is nothing here for me or many other people I expect.

    Bad plan.


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