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Thread: How do I connect to my database using MySQL Workbench?

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    Default How do I connect to my database using MySQL Workbench?

    Before connecting connecting to your database using MySQL Workbench, you'll have to first get the host name or the IP address of the Hostek MySQL server your database is on.

    For customers using the WCP control panel:
    1. Login to your control panel
    2. Under Databases, Click on MySQL.
    3. You can find the host next to the database name.

    For cPanel Customers:
    You should be able to use your domain name as the host. However in order to connect externally to your database with programs such as MySQL workbench you'll need to enable remote MySQL access to your database.
    1. Login to your cPanel
    2. Under Databases go to Remote MySQL.
    3. If you have a specific static IP you want to grant remote access to, you can enter it here and click on "Add Host". Otherwise you can grant remote access from any IP by entering % as the host and click on Add Host.

    For WCP Customers:
    1. Login to your hosting control Panel and go to your domain.
    2. Click on MySQL Database and then click on your database.
    3. Use the IP extenal address listed under Connection Information. (IPs started with 10.10.x.x will not work with MySQL Workbench because they are internal IPs within Hostek.)

    Now you are ready to make a connection with MySQL Workbench.
    1. Click on New Connection.
    2. Connection Name: You can enter a name for this connection. This can be set to anything you would like.
    3. Enter the IP address or hostname for your database.
    4. Use the default port (3306).
    5. Enter your database username.
    6. Under Default Schema, type in your database name.
    7. Test the connection to make sure your information is correct. You will be prompted for a password.
    8. If the test is sucessful, click on OK. Otherwise double check the information you entered.
    9. Your connection should be listed on the default Workbench screen. Double click on the connection name to connect.


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