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    I like the file manager in WCP, but one thing I'm noticing is that not every site I have under my reseller account has the file manager icon. Is there a setting somewhere to enable and disable this feature that I'm overlooking? It seems all new sites I setup are missing this feature.


    Jon Wallen

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    Every site in the WCP panel should have the file manager. If there is a domain that does not have it, and its in WCP and not some other contol panel like HELM or cPanel, then please email [email protected] with the list of domains that do not have it and we will get them fixed for you.


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    Default File Manager Question

    I am trying to copy files from one subdirectory to another and I can't seem to get the files in the correct directory


    Would like to copy contents of DirectoryB to DirectoryA

    What I am trying to do is make a back up of my Wordpress Site and check to make sure it works ok and nothing breaks - then if it works ok, I'll need to then copy the files to the root directory.

    Are there any tutorials for File Manager?


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    When using the File Manager in the WCP you can control+click multiple files to copy them to another location. Once you've selected the files using this method you can then right-click on the files and select "Copy" and enter the directory you want to move them to. If you are having issues getting the files copied over we'll need to know the domain name and the directories you're trying to move the files to and from. If you'd like you can also submit a support ticket at with this information and we can take a look at it for you.

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