Google has recently been placed on the SpamCop Blacklist, a widely used spam list and has resulted in our email servers rejecting emails from addresses

Please note that this issue ultimately has to be resolved by google as its their way of handling mail that is causing the IP's to be put onto the SpamCop blacklist.

For more information on this issue, please see:

However, we have implemented a work around for our SmarterMail servers.

Instead of doing a SMTP block on the SpamCop blacklist, we are letting the SMTP traffic occur now, but we're still filtering it, so the email will be delivered to the JunkEmail folder. You can add the specific sender to your trusted senders list in SmaterMail, so that email is delivered to you normally for that sender, or you can add a domain level trusted sender to the trusted senders list if you wish, but that will probably increase the level of spam you receive.

If you place the gmail sender on your trusted senders list in smartermail, but its still not getting through, please open a support ticket with the details, so we can research.

-Cameron L