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Thread: Which Open Source CMS is the best?

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    Default Which Open Source CMS is the best?

    This greatly depends on the application of the CMS, in other words what the CMS will be used for. These are a few of the most common CMS’s we find in use today. While I could go into much detail about the specific strengths of each, I would rather let others speak about their applications and how they make use of these popular CMS's. Some have played into my personal projects and I will comment below each based on personal experience.
    I believe one of the major turn-offs for CMS's is that they have a specific feel due to the modular design most have, however I personally like Mura, because it’s hosted on ColdFusion and it’s core is well equipped.

    Platform: ASP.Net
    Comments: Been around a long time and there is plug-ins for almost anything. I’m not a big fan of this one because it's VERY modular in my opinion, all square and rectangle looking. Based on experience the installation can be difficult due to confusion with setting the connection string, although our support staff is very good to find and fix the problem quickly. I have friends who have used and still use the DNN CMS for their projects. So if you develop .NET you'll probably like and could easily use DNN without much trouble.

    Platform: ColdFusion
    Comments: I have only installed FarCry once, and it was not that easy. The application when starting seems to consume a lot of something, due to the long load times during the application start. We have customers using this for various projects and seem to like it. My first impression was that this CMS was simple, and could serve well for small projects, but due to the installation difficulty I never re-visited again.

    Platform: PHP
    Comments: General purpose I have seen some VERY nice Joomla templates, and customized sites that did not have the CMS taste. The look of Joomla has a custom appeal right out of the box and that has
    seemed to improve over the years it has been in development.

    Platform: ColdFusion
    Comments: These are just normal folks, easy to work with and pleasant. As for the CMS, it's core is well equipped, very easy to use after installation (which has recently improved). I would recommend viewing all their tutorials to get going quickly. This CMS is what I recommend for most, if not all projects if you’re a CF savvy webmaster with design skills simply because they have covered a lot of basic needs within the core of the application, not much is lacking. The most disappointing is the little availability of templates, and plug-ins although for one project I just purchased a $15 template and configured it to be used with Mura, which turned out to work well.

    Platform: PHP
    Comments: While not intended for being used as a CMS, it has much of the features other CMS's offer and can be easily installed and configured within a few minutes. I would rate this easiest to use. The template and plug-in availability and variety are very abundant.

    Which one do you like best and why? I encourage customers who have taken advantage of many different features of each one to let us know their opinion.
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    dage4 Guest

    Default CMS for the Developer or the Customer

    Most open source CMS editors are built around selling you all the add-ons, templates and other services. The bait is the CMS. I've found that most provide the source but make things very complicated when you try to expand it on your own.

    Selection should be based on whether it is easy to use for content editors or can programmers create and manage enhancements. You need to weigh which means more to you.

    In the end I built my own around an Open Source WYSIWYG editor. I started in 2001 before CMS was a concept to others. I haven't found anything free or on the market that I would replace it with. I have many clients that use my online version that have little to know understanding of HTML. I've also sold it as an installed version with complete access to all source code.

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