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Thread: Does each domain get a Static IP?

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    Default Does each domain get a Static IP?

    Yes for our Windows and Coldfusion reseller plans each domain gets a Static IP. You can add it in your helm control panel.

    Below are some steps.

    1.Login to your Helm control panel with the following.
    -Account Name
    -Login Name
    -Login Password

    2. Next click on the "My Domains" icon then click on your domain name.
    3. To the top left you will see two tabs "General" and "Static IPs", click on the "Static IPs" Icon.
    4. You should see a drop down that says "name-based" or "IP-Based". Select the "IP-Based" drop down. Next click save.
    5. Once you have it will reload the page. Click back on the "Static IPs" icon and it will show you your IP address.

    For Cpanel and Plesk resellers you only get one Static IP. You can order additional static IP addresses for your domains for $1 a month. If you need to order an additional IP, you can do that via your billing control panel at:
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