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Thread: How do I transfer domain to different registrar

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    Default How do I transfer domain to different registrar

    To transfer your registered domain to a new registrar.

    You will need to log into your billing control panel at

    Click on "My Domains", you will then click on the green arrow to the right of the domain you are needing to transfer.

    Uncheck the registrar lock

    Click Save

    Click on the Contact Information button, you will need to update the Admin contact email address to an email address that you can receive emails at.

    Save this page and click the back button

    Click the "Get EPP Code" button, this will send the transfer authorization code to the email address that was just set as the admin contact.

    Once you have the EPP code you can then have your new registrar initiate the transfer to them, you will receive this approval email at the admin contact address.
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