In Microsoft Expression Web, it is best to publish your site using FTP instead of FrontPage Extensions. To accomplish this, follow the directions below:

  • Click the File menu then choose Publish Site
  • If the Remote Site Details do not appear, press CTRL + SHIFT + R to show the window
  • Now you will select FTP as the Remote Web server type
  • For the Remote Web site location enter, where is your actual domain name.
  • If you are on a Windows-based host, you would enter wwwroot as the FTP directory. If on Linux, enter public_html
  • It is recommended to check the box for Passive FTP
  • Click OK in the Remote Site Details window

Now you should be prompted for your FTP Username and Password. These would be the FTP credentials included in your Account Information Email, or another username/password you created through your control panel. Once connected, you will have the option to transfer site files betweem your home computer and your server.