Create a backup job for Microsoft SQL Server using SQL Backup and FTP. This application allows you to backup up to two MSSQL databases with the free edition, and includes the options for local and FTP backup also to schedule, cleanup old backups and notify you when the backup job is completed.

To start backing up your databases on a schedule and FTP them to an offsite location for additional protection.

These steps apply to installation on a Dedicated or VPS hosting.

  1. Install SQL Backup and FTP on the Dedicated or VPS server.
  2. Open SQL Backup and FTP, and click "Connect to SQL Server".
  3. Insure the Server Name is the correct SQL Server instance name. Also insure "Use Windows Authentication" is selected otherwise choose "Use SQL Server Authentication" and enter the user and password detail. Test to verify settings are correct.
  4. Choose "New" from the top icons or select File, New to create a new Job.
  5. Select the databases from the left by checking the box next to each database which should be backed up.
  6. From the right side select the options for your backup:
  7. Select the box, and configure each option.
  8. To complete and save this Job, select File, and Save giving it a name for the specific tasks, example name SQL_localbackup or SQL_db1_FTP backup.