Below are some details about Razor .cshtml files, generally created with WebMatrix:

What are Razor / .cshtml files?

As part of the WebMatrix tool, the ASP.Net MVC Framework 3.0 introduced a new syntax for view pages called Razor syntax. These pages carry the extension ".cshtml" and can be used in conjunction with MVC applications.

Does hosting support .cshtml files?

Yes, we support .cshtml files on all Windows/ASP.Net hosting accounts.

Why won't my .cshtml files work?

In order for .cshtml files to work, the .Net version for your site must be set to version 4.0 and the MVC Framework 3.0 must be installed on the server. You can choose the ASP.Net version through your Windows hosting control panel. For installation of the MVC Framework 3.0, you should contact support (NOTE: In most cases, this will already be installed on your server).

David D.