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Thread: How do I get my ASP.Net page up using hostek???

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    Default How do I get my ASP.Net page up using hostek???

    I am a new user. I developed an site in Visual Studio 2008. I do not know hot to get this website up and running in Hostek. I don't know what files to upload etc... Can someone please help me with this simple problem.

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    The best way to get this issue resolved would be to send a support ticket to [email protected] With your domain name and the issues you are experiencing so we can get it up and running for you.

    Chad C.

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    In general, the only files that you do NOT need to publish are project files (.csproj, .vbproj, .sln, .suo, etc.) and code files (files ending in .cs or .vb).

    Project files are only used by Visual Studios so they do not need to be uploaded to the site.

    You do not have to publish the code files because those files are already included in the file /bin/ProjectName.dll, which contains the compiled MSIL for all of your code files. The other file that will always be in your bin folder /bin/ProjectName.pdb contains the debugging symbols and can optionally be uploaded to your site if you want stack traces to include line numbers.

    NOTE: If you update a code file and want to update the website, you should build the solution using Visual Studio and re-upload the /bin/ProjectName.dll and optionally the /bin/ProjectName.pdb files.

    All resource files, display pages (.aspx, .cshtml, .vbhtml, .master, etc.), and configuration files should be uploaded.

    NOTE: One exception is that if you have a local SQL Express database in your /app_data folder, you will need to create an MSSQL database through your control panel, create a backup of your local SQL Express database via SQL Management Studio, and use the 'MSSQL Tools' provided through the control panel to restore the SQL Express database backup to the MSSQL database created through the control panel.

    Once the files have been uploaded, you should also use the ASP.Net tool in the control panel to set the appropriate .Net version and settings for your site.

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