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Thread: MX record host name?

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    Question MX record host name?

    I've just moved my client's web hosting to Hostek. I still need to edit the MX record and point it to Hostek so mail can be delivered. Can someone provide me what that address should be?



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    Depending on the Control Panel you are using you could follow the steps below to find this out:


    1. Log into WCP
    2. Under the heading 'Email' select 'Webmail'
    3. Next to 'Pre-propagation Web Mail' there will be the following "" (for example)
    4. Your mail server will be where the example above has "".
    5. You can go into the 'DNS Editor' under the heading of 'Domains' and the MX record that will be listed as "" (for example)

    cPanel without SmarterMail Add-on:

    Unless you have a Smartermail addon for your cPanel account the Mail server will be the same as the server your domain is on.

    cPanel with SmarterMail Add-on:

    1. Log into your cPanel account.
    2. Click on 'MX Entry'
    3. Select the domain from the drop down if there is more than one.
    4. At the bottom of the page there will be a box that says MX Records. The Destination should have your Mail Server in it.

    Chad C.
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