As some of you know, we had a slowness issue affecting a few servers recently.

We have found the real problem related to the slowness. We made some changes last night (late night Nov 30, 2011) that fixed the slowness, and have received confirming emails from customers.

Summary: Problem fixed!

Details for those interested:
The SAN group the slow servers are on was showing very light usage for Disk I/O. After researching in more detail some performance issues, we noticed we still had a spare SAN attached to this group that was not being used. However, that spare SAN was being included in the overall monitor for the Disk I/O capacity, which was really not a true reading. After removing the spare SAN we noticed a very high Disk I/O usage on this SAN group. So, we have moved some high usage Disk I/O servers to a new SAN group to drastically reduce the Disk I/O on the SAN that was causing the performance issues.

We appreciate your patience during this slowness issue and we appreciate your continued business!